Cool & Smooth Empire FC extends congratulations to Mr. Clarene “Max” Martin, a former player, coach and Executive member, on his Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Administration. The award was presented to Max during the recently held National Sports Award Ceremony.

About Max:

2015-06-16 19.30.53Mr. Clarence ‘Max’ Martin is a sport administrator, leader, mentor and a community activitist. He a proud product of the Gray’s Farm Community and will proudly state that he “learned the trade of life at King George V Ground (Swinger Passa). He received his primary education at the Foundation Mixed School (Miss Davis School) and later attended the Antigua Grammar School. Although Max played football in Swinger Passa, his father would not allow him to play in school as he did not want his to break his foot. However he played Sunday Cricket for the Empire Cricket Team. On leaving school he was employed at the Holberton Hospital as a Lab Technician. He migrated to England in 1961 to further his studies and became a fellow of the Fellowship of Medical Laboratory Scientists and held the position of Senior Technologist. While in England he married his wife of 50 years Yvonne and the union produced two sons.  He was a founding member of the Caribbean United Football Club along with noted Antiguan footballer Danny Livingston and served as its chairperson for 9 years.

Max returned to Antigua in 1970 and returned to community life and became the coach of the Empire Football Club from 1970-1973 during the club’s most successful period, winning 4 consecutive championships and losing only one match to his alma mater the Antigua Grammar School 1 Nil. In 1972 he was appointed as the National Coach of Antigua & Barbuda. After serving as Vice president of the Antigua and Barbuda Football in 1973 is was elected as President in 1974 and held that position until 1976. Under his leadership Antigua & Barbuda won the Youth Tournament contested between the Leeward and Windward Island and Barbados. Members of that successful team including Fernando Abraham, Clancy Mack and Micah Samuel, as you can see Max was developing the future leaders of Antigua’s football.

He also captained the Empire Football Club from 1970-1975.

In 1976 Max migrated to the United States, while there is was an invaluable supporter of the Antigua Cavaliers during its early days.  He was a founding member and President of the Gray’s Green Association of New York.

On retirement Max returned to Antigua in 2004 and immediately got involved in football once again. He served as manager of the senior national team and several youth teams He served as Match Commissioner from 2004-2007. In 2010 returned to active duty with the Empire Football Club and was appointed Chairman of the club’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations Steering Committee. He currently serves as an executive member of the club.

Max has always been an ardent church goer and has been serving on the Vestry of the St. John’s Cathedral since 2004. He is in charge of the fundraising for the restoration of the Cathedral and its tour guide project for the past 5 years.

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