Our fans are holding their heads in disbelief. Not because we played a great game and lost, but because we played the game poorer than we played last week against Hoppers, and lost again. And to make bad matters even worse than they already are, it was a wet match. Gone are the days when a team playing against Empire on a wet day had the worse to think about; now it is just like playing any ordinary team.
This was a game that we were supposed to win in order to stay in the reckoning for the trophy. Nevertheless, for some reason our guys are playing as if they are either not sure what is expected of them or they just don’t want to be out on the field. They seem not to have the will or determination to go out there and take possession of the game. As I mentioned earlier, the field was wet and the middle of the park was muddy and there were arears around the center of the field that had pools of water. It would have been expected that most of our plays would be redirected from these arears. However, our guys seemed to have fallen asleep and not made a mental note of this adjustment.
We were able to score in the first half, but just when we were celebrating and hoping to add to this lead, the opponents equalized. Then to add insult to injury, they went ahead in a few short minutes afterwards.
Well the rest of the afternoon was painful to watch, as the time ticked away and we just weren’t able to get anything right. The bright sparks and saving grace for the day was our goalkeeper and Jomo Andrew; if they too had a day like all the other players this would be a day that we would all wish to forget.
The game ended with Tryum 2: Empire 1
The team seems to be plagued with injuries, as missing from the last game as a result of being on the DL (Disable List) were Chad Vidal, Shakkimba ‘Yaya’ Williams, Ovarda Gordon and Justin ‘Trini’ Periera. These players joined the earlier players on that list like Ajrue ‘Jupa’ Durham and Rakeem ‘Buty’ Joseph. We hope that this list starts to dwindle so that we will be able to get back into the game, before it is too late.

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