We played our 6th league game for the season today at 7:00pm against Glanville. Glanville was able to score against us in the first 5 minutes of the game; with a midfielder getting a free ball at the edge of our 18 and unleashing a thunderous shot that swerved away from the keeper as it flew into the net. Since it was such an early goal, the fans anticipated that we would then pull up our proverbial socks and take control of the game; but that did not seem as if it were to happen soon from that point.
Glanville kept coming at us from the flanks, and I honestly think that the 3-defender formation is exposing us. They kept coming at us and even though we would make the occasional break, nothing was working for us. Steel and Buty didn’t seem to be their usual selves and Swazo kept running away when the balls were passed to him, as if hoping that the ball will either follow him or stick to him; neither of these wishes materialized.
It was about the middle of the half when Glanville got another goal attacking from the flank which was headed home by one of their strikers. We went into the dressing room at the break being down two goals to nil.
We came out playing the second half with a little more zest and hard work, but we still didn’t seem to be playing with any plan. We were, however, able to get something positive from a corner when we were awarded a penalty. It still isn’t a certainty as to the infringement, as I thought that one of our players was dragged to the ground, but heard some of the spectators saying that it was a hand-ball. Nevertheless, the kick was taken by Swazo and tucked away nicely to get us back into the game.
Even though we didn’t play a game that would convince onlookers that we deserved to win, we were still with some shape of luck for the full ninety minutes, because the amount of chances that Glanville got, could have buried us.
Snacks was holding onto the ball since the first half after we went down 2 goals to nil, bobbing and weaving through the opponent, trying to make something happen for us. Still nothing came our way, while all sorts of heart-stopping events were taking place in and around our goal area. Snacks took several shots in the first half, most of which were blocked by defenders. However, in the second half he was able to get a few off which were not obstructed, even though they were not on target. He however, got the equalizer as his persistence and hard work paid off when he was able to hit a deceitful right-booter pass the Glanville’s custodian.
Despite Snack’s heroic effort, I think that the shot of the encounter came in the second half when a ball rebounded from the Glanville’s defense and was picked up by Baller, some five yards outside the 18 and was struck out of the air with tremendous power and about waist-height travelling to the goal, with the keeper flying to his right with outstretched arms. Despite such beauty, we were robbed of seeing the outcome as the ball didn’t make it to the goal as it was stopped by a defender.
The game ended with a 2 all draw.

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