On Saturday evening, playing against Jennings Grenades FC the team went back to the 4-4-2 formation, after playing the 3-5-2 for the last three games. We seemed to be a bit more compact than those previous games and we were closing down the opponents much better. We still have a problem with distribution from the midfield and it is hurting us each and every game.
We were able to draw first blood, even though Jennings we more anxious to get to the ball and they seemed to have wanted it more than we did. We held the lead for about twenty minutes before they were able to equalize from a corner. Besides the goals, the game was uneventful and this was most evident as there was constant laughter, especially in the bleachers, as the fans found alternative ways to entertain themselves.
The game was a bit physical, but not as much as I anticipated, after comparing it to the games we played against them last season. We had at least five opportunities to bury the team and claim the three points; we had several cases when we had the ball in the midfield and just had to make a forward pass connecting to one of the strikers, and we failed on each instance. Half time came and the score was 1:1.
The second half was not much different, but we prayed that our guys could at least score again in order to secure the three points. But that was not to be as Jennings was able to score a second time and once again in this tournament, we found ourselves chasing for the equalizer. We were able to put them under some pressure and then later in the game, one of their players was ejected from the game and we had the extra man on the field.
Three substitutions were made for our team; First – Andrea ‘Bloody’ Nichols in for Junior ‘Steel’ Emanuel, Second – O’Marley ‘Dropsleep’ Henry for Nyque ‘Starty’ Watkins and Twadedre Jacobs came in as the third substitution, making his debut for the senior team, replacing Darrel ‘ Horseman’ Martin. Jacobs had a fairly good spell. He held the ball with confidence and was not afraid of taking on the opponents.
We came at them, over and over, but were unable to penetrate their defense in order to find the equalizer. With less than five minutes left, our central defender, Drupa, held on to a ball and tried to beat an approaching striker when he was striped and we conceded yet another goal. This took the little wind that we had left out of our sail and the game ended shortly afterwards.
Grenades 3: Empire 1

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