Saturday night was a good night for our fans. Not only did those who attended the game able to observe the team gather another crucial three points, but they witnessed a string of events that they have not seen in about two decades.
For over fifteen years, Empire has struggled against the teams in the bottom half of the standings whenever they have to confront them. For this reason the park was very scanty as a lot of the supporters stayed away from the game. But for those who braved the feelings and came out nevertheless, they were blessed with seeing that our club was able to turn the tables and score six uncontested goals against Liberta SC.
Our guys came out with a sense of purpose, showing that they wanted to put this myth to rest. They started from the sound of the whistle and except for a few fleeting moments, we were well on our way to collecting another three points; something that we have not been able to do much of, thus far for the season.
The goals started raining in the first thirteen minutes when Swazo held on to the ball and carried it into the opponents eighteen, before passing it off to Snacks who pushed wide of a defender before spanking it into the goal. The next goal came some fifteen minutes later when Swazo was then the recipient of a pass from Chad to make it 2:0. The third goal was a free kick taken by Jumo, after an infringement was made on one of our players, just outside their eighteen. The fourth goal came a few minutes before the half when Starty ran down the right flank, before cutting in almost on the touchline then passing off to Yayya, who was able to hit home despite the keeper getting a hand to it. The score at the half was 4:nil
The game resumed and Snacks once again opened the scoring for this portion of the game when he picked up a ball in the first four minutes, dribbled two players, before firing in the corner of the net. We were on top of the game, but several golden opportunity went abegging for us. The opponents were able to get a few opportunity whereby they fired some shots at our custodian. However, they were not threatening as Spannie confidently held on to those balls. Their key maskman, Foxx, had a rough night as he was held at bay by Juppa despite his hard work and strong runs.
The sixth was goal scored again by Swazo from a penetrating pass made by Dale some thirty minutes after Snacks opened up the second half shooting. Two of our youngsters, aged seventeen years old, made their debuts. Jarius Martin came in for Starty on the right side of the midfield and Tajah Gordon came in for a limping Swazo. Tajah got an opportunity which should have crowned his entrance to the league, but it seemed as if the butterflies got the better of him and the decision to fire first-time instead of controlling and then shoot, made him miss the ball completely and fell to the ground.
That was the end of the encounter for us and we were able to go to our various homes with smiles on our faces and sending the message to friends and families.

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