We were not only looking a bit better this time around, but we have been getting the results we have been craving for at the offensive end of the field. We played the 5 o’clock game at the ARG on Sunday against Old Road and played the first half kicking against the eastern or jail-end of the field.

In my opinion, the first half was really without luster, except for the only bright spark coming when # 7 Eugine Kirwan made a break from just inside the middle of the eighteen-yard box and attempted to dribble past the central defenders to go at goal; he was taken down by an opponent and the referee awarded a penalty. This was smoothly converted by # 16 Shakkimba Williams in the 31st minute to give us a 1:0 lead.

The game continued and each team was trying to get the upper hand of the other, but both defenses (including the goalkeepers) made the efforts futile.

The game continued in this fashion until the half time period was signaled by the official.

Second half came and our # 6 Kemoi Williams went down after a collision and had to be given some attention from the physio, Luddah. He was, however, able to return to the field of play but was would not finish the game as he was once again knocked to the ground and at that point a substitution was made for # 22 Albert Michael. Shortly afterwards, we made another sub, # 21 Twadedra Jacobs who came in for # 10 Nigel Graham to play the left side of the midfield.

The fresh legs seemed to have given us a little spark and the remaining five minutes of the game seemed to have been our brightest, as we were able to string a few passes together to get a shot at goal which Kirwan kicked high over the bar.

With three minutes of added time signaled by the 4th official, the game was winding down, but with just a one-goal lead, any mistake could cause us well-needed points. It was practically at the end of this period that apparently the ball appeared as if it went out of bound and the linesman began to raise his flag but changed his mind midstream and placed it back at his side. The Old Road defense decided that it was enough to stop the game and stood up as our Eugine Kirwan proceeded with the ball though the defense and pushed it passed the goalkeeper. The Old Road team was in an uproar, but the referee had signaled to the center awarding us the goal. As soon as the ball was played, she sounded her whistle to end the game.

We won 2 goals to nil.

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