We played our fourth game in the second round on Saturday, February 10 at the ARG, against Swetes FC at 7:00 pm. We had high expectations to be victorious in this encounter, knowing that the 3-points here would put us in an ambitious position compared to where we were at the end of the first round. We started the game shooting at the western end of the field – the end towards the old Catholic Church.

Our Players came came out fired up and played aggressively from the sound of the whistle. This action paid dividends and we were able to score in the first five minutes of the game when number 10, Gabriel Nigel ‘Skinny’ Graham Jr was able to tab home a ball that came in from a corner and fell at his feet. This was the type of start that we have been looking for all season long. The guys did not back off and the opponents tried their endeavour best to keep us out of their goal area and out of their net.


We had several chances in rapid succession after the goal; and these were shared between # 17 Rakeem ‘Buty’ Joseph who had an uncontested header which went over the bar and a run through which he struck in the body of the diving advancing goalkeeper. Also # 12 Nigel ‘Frogy’ Sanderson also had two chances in the half, one was struck on the legs of a defender and the other was scoped over the bar, to deny us burying the opponent.

It wasn’t long after all these missed chances that Swetes were able to strike a ball from about the edge of our eighteen and caught our keeper going in the opposite direction and then had to change to make a diving effort at a ball that kept along the ground and ended up in the back of the net after he was able to get his hand to it.

At the half we were tied at 1:1.

This gave Swetes new life and they came at us second half and played aggressively, the way that we started the game, and about the middle of the half they were able to put together a string of passes which ended in a touch-and-go between the advancing midfielder and the striker and caught our defense flat-footed. The midfielder ended up one-on-one with our goalkeeper….and the rest is history. This gave the opponent the 2:1 lead and despite several chances received by #12 Sanderson, nothing happened that was able to save us from yet another defeat.

We lost the game 2:1.

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